Grow instagram followers organically

Do you want your ribbon in the Instagram to look perfect and gladden the eye of even the most picky instagram player? Surely you repeatedly got into insta-profiles, which are just very pleasant to look at. You open such an account and you see that it is thought out visually, well, straight photo to the photo – all in one style. From such a profile and do not want to leave, but in fact, as you know, they meet on clothes. That is why it is very important that your profile as a whole looks beautiful and immediately attracted attention. And how this can be done, we’ll talk in this article.

Here are some examples of beautiful insta-profiles for your inspiration. Click on the image to get a better view of it.

Pay attention only, that this is not an article on how to learn how to make beautiful photos! This is a completely different topic. To become a good photographer, even though on an amateur level, maybe not everyone. After all, this is incredible work, and without the inner talent to achieve this goal oh how difficult. BUT, everyone can have a beautiful profile! The main thing is to properly organize your ribbon, observe the color scale, symmetry and general view of your gallery. In this case, even ordinary photos will look beautiful and harmonious.

In order to design a profile in Instagram in one style, you will need special mobile applications that will solve this task very easily. With their help, you no longer need to guess how a particular photo or video will fit into your instal-gallery, and then delete it, because it’s somehow “not in the subject”.

Below you will find the 5 best iOS and Android apps that will make your profile perfect, at least close to the ideal I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the capabilities of each application, since despite the fact that they are all visual gliders of publications in the Instagram, some of them they have a much broader functional + special features that can be useful to you. Look, compare and choose what works best for your goals and the seriousness of working in social. network.

The best applications for planning the order of photo and video publications in the tape of your profile in Instagram

Inpreview: plan your Instagram (iOS only)

Inpreview is a cool application with a beautiful interface for visual content planning in Instagram. It is doubly pleasant that this application was created by our compatriot


  • Download multiple images at once to see how they will look in your profile;
  • Move the photo inside your simulated profile tape to find the most attractive option;
  • switch between accounts (subscription only);
  • the publication of photos in the Instagram by pressing one button.

Preview – Design for Instagram

Preview – one of the best and complete applications of this kind, which is most suitable for serious users of the Instagram, for example, business accounts, as well as opinion leaders. I think that this is also one of the most popular applications of this kind, which already has more than 400,000 active users.

Main features:

  • a visual glider with an unlimited number of cells;
  • planning and publication schedule of photo and video publications, carousel posts, as well as stories;
  • Manage multiple accounts from the app;
  • advanced analytics of the Instagram account;
  • “Spy” mode for viewing and tracking of accounts of competitors;
  • search and selection of hashtags, statistics on hashtags, grouping of hashtags and auto-hints of similar tags;
  • Advanced photo editor, as well as 15 types of filters and more than 70 presets for creating beautiful photos;
  • repost publications in your profile without a watermark.

Plann + Preview for Instagram is the second most popular and rated application for visual planning of an in-profile profile, which has a user database of over 90,000 paid customers.

This is a very good, comprehensive application that will improve your insta-strategy and increase the effectiveness of work in Instagram. The application is also aimed at active, serious users, including insta-bloggers, publics, businesses and all those for whom Instagram is a source of income.

The free version includes only one account, 30 downloads per month, filters, a grouping of hashtags and tools for reposting. When upgrading to a premium plan, you pay monthly for the number of profiles you want to use: 1, 3, or no-limit. In addition, of course, you will open the full functionality of the service. Paid plans start at 2 dollars per month.

Main features:

  • visual scheduler of the tape Instagram, as well as histories of Instagram;
  • stories: visual organization of photos and videos for publication in stories, planning, as well as trimming and fitting to the vertical format of stories;
    analytics: general account statistics, the best time for posting, the most productive hashtags and even the color schemes that work best in your profile;
    Manage multiple accounts from the app;
  • Spy Mode to view and track the statistics of competitors’ accounts, including their color scores, the best time to publish, and even the ability to copy and save the hashtags that they use for their own posting;
  • manage hashtags: group hashtags for use in different types of content: publications, topics, campaigns, or stories;
  • Advanced photo editor with all necessary tools for processing photo tools, as well as fonts, stickers and other elements for design;
  • creation of the content strategy of the account in the Instagram with the ability to create theme blocks (from the proposed ones or from your own), to which you will make posts and stories in the future;
  • Synchronization between multiple mobile devices, using Apple or Google ID;

search and repost publications in your profile.

UNUM – another application for creating a beautiful ribbon in Instagram. Please note that this application exists for both iOS and Android. Nevertheless, the application on Android is a little raw and the reviews about it are not so positive. While the version of the iPhone application is better and more stable.

Of the minuses: the English version, advanced features only by subscription.

The program has a free version, as well as more paid plans (monthly subscription!) With more features and capabilities. The free plan includes one account Instagram, 18 cells for visual viewing of the tape and the ability to publish up to 500 photos and video posts per month.

Main features:

  • Possibility to save the content for Instagrams in the application, then not to search it through the entire phone gallery;
  • visual scheduler posts, the ability to drag-and-drop to change the order of photos in the tape + the ability to see what the tape looks like without any previously published images;
  • photo editor and color correction inside the application;
  • mass of free photo filters;
  • best time statistics for publication in your account and other analytics;
  • the ability to manage multiple accounts in one application;
  • planning publications for a certain time + notification of what needs to be published;
  • the ability to write and save captions to a photo, then quickly add them to publications;
  • list of recently used hashtags that can be added to the description of the photo or in the comment + counter of hashtags, so as not to go over the limit of 30 pieces;
  • search photos in Instagram and repost through UNUM.

Snug for Instagram – an excellent application for “probing” the content for an account in Instagram. If you care about what your profile looks like, then this program is absolutely necessary for you! With it, you can see firsthand how the new, still unpublished, photos will look on the background of the old ones. Very simple and convenient!

How does it work?

You just upload a series of photos that you plan to publish in the future. Next, just move the photo in the imitated gallery until you get the best out of them. You can also crop the photo directly in the application, and also see how the tape would look without some old photo published earlier.