How to write posts for Instagram?

9 simple tips how to write posts for Instagram and other social networks

Ten years ago it was unfashionable to write. Today, this skill is simply necessary: there are such professions as a blogger, content manager, smschik. And it’s important for them all to be able to write: not necessarily very cool, but simple and understandable for readers. I want to give you some simple tips that will help make your texts easy and readable for subscribers in Instagram.

1. We write competently, we check our texts for errors

You can be a first-class manicure master, an excellent stylist or Ph.D. in psychology, but if you write karova, most people will not perceive you as a specialist. Yes, many bloggers write with errors, and they are loved by readers. But these are the exceptions rather than the rule.

I strongly advise you to write competently. If you do not know the rules, do not worry, your texts for Instagram and other soc. networks can always be checked for errors online.

2. We write with simple sentences

It has long been proven that readers are more receptive to short sentences. Do not scribble kilometer opuses with a bunch of gyro-participles and four subordinate clauses. We are still not writing War and Peace.

3. Do not break up what you can not

Suggestions should be divided into short, but in moderation. This is especially true for complex sentences.

Well I came to Masha to learn the lessons together.

Bad I came to Masha. To learn the lessons.

Do not break one sentence into two, where the laws of punctuation need to put a colon (you can ask the question “namely?”).

Good In her blog I liked everything: Alena wisely writes, the girl has an adequate view of the world and a good sense of humor.
Not very good. In her blog, I liked almost everything. Alena wisely writes, the girl has an adequate view of the world and a good sense of humor.

Yes, it is possible to break it, this is not a case with a complex sentence. But personally I do not like this division.

4. We leave from the passive voice

I myself often sin, but

Bad This book was read by me in the summer.

Well I read this book in the summer.

Do you feel how easy it is to read at once?

5. We try to use verbs, not verbal nouns

Not really Tips for compiling a content plan for Instagram.

It’s already better Tips how to make a content plan for Instagram.

6. Making small paragraphs

Every paragraph has one thought. In a paragraph, ideally, 3-5 sentences (depending on their length).

7. Remove water from the text

Also, so, in general, in general, a bunch of opening words and constructions often clog the text. If you can do without them, it’s better to do so. However, it must be remembered that sometimes such turns, on the contrary, characterize the author’s unique style of writing or supplement the text. Here is a fine line. And I often sin myself with introductory words and other imaginary bundles.

8. You do not know how to write, find out. There is no way to know, do not write or formulate differently

This is the best and most important advice. I really want you to remember it, but better printed and hung in front of your computer monitor. I always follow him.

9. We use synonyms, but do not zealous

You can follow the rule: we use the same word 1 time through the sentence. But the rule often does not work:

  • in seo-copywriting (for sites);
  • when the word is difficult to find a synonym or replacement looks ridiculous;
  • when you replace the noun with a pronoun, but it becomes unclear what kind of thing this pronoun names.

I think 10 rules will be enough for a start. If you write and remember about them, your posts in Instagram and other soc. networks, will clearly become better, lighter, nicer.

But do not get hung up. If you notice an error in the post already written, fix it, if possible. If there is no possibility, do not worry. We are all living people, and we can all make a mistake or just forget to check your text. Plus, no one has canceled automatic fix on the phone. We shave tips on us, but without fanaticism.