How Bloggers Instagram Deceive Subscribers

You go in the profile of a steep Instagram-blogger, read posts, look at thousands of likes, hundreds of comments, enthusiastic posts about purchases and you think: “How cool, what a cool person, that’s my popularity!”. And is there this popularity, what is behind this profile? Let’s understand. Here are the 5 most popular deceptions that users of Instagrams are guilty of creating false popularity and earning money on advertising posts.

1. Purchased subscribers

It’s no secret that you can buy subscribers in Instagram, and they are worth a penny. Usually these are bots (but bots are often cleaned by Instagram itself). You can buy even “real readers”, the only “but” – they are only for a beautiful figure, just a plus for the already assembled audience. Purchased subscribers are silent – they will never put a husky and write comments.

Subscribers from Givov (Giveaway) are slightly more expensive. These are such contests, where sponsors and bloggers fold for a gift. In replacement – a bunch of readers. But the fact is that usually they are people who participate in all the giwas in a row, they have more than a thousand people in their subscriptions and they will never again leave their husks and comments. And moreover, after the end of the giva finish and thereby worsen the involvement in the profile of the blogger.

But many buy followers and are happy to participate in Givas. Kamikaze? No. How to artificially increase the involvement in the profile?

2. Purchase of likes

Vo-o-from, that’s it! In April 2017, I talked with the director of one service for the purchase of Laika in Instagram. He told me that they have a lot of customers, not only ordinary, but also stars. And, most importantly, everyone who has more than 2 thousand likes in Instagram, they are bought! I pass, so to speak, from the first mouth, think. Is it really a very simple way to make your page “live”?

3. And what about the comments?

They can also be bought in the same place as the husky. And you can get barter in the activity chats. Did not pay attention that some bloggers under posts are always written by the same people, and often these people are the same bloggers with a large number of subscribers. Another way to leave comments and participate in chats of activity may help bloggers (yes, yes, such now too!). Yes, it’s not just a hoax, it’s not buying the same likes, but still – not all users of Instagram know about the existence of such chat rooms.

3 cheating about popularity, and 2 more for dessert.

4. SFS – a continuous deception in recent times

When a blogger announces SFS (you need to tell about his profile on his page), it is assumed that he will select several interesting personalities and tell about them in his posts. But have you seen a person with 100k subscribers talk about ordinary instagrammers? Oh, very rare! That’s because SFS has now rolled up to the usual VP (mutual PR). That is, the blogger only notes those people who once told about him. And everything is agreed in advance.

5. Crown deception – “girls, I bought here …”

Well, and advertising, of course! This is a crown deception. Very rarely, bloggers honestly write that the goods were sent to them for testing, and in exchange for such a gift, advertisers ask for a post about this with a link to the store. Most bloggers Instagram zealously vparivaet its readers stories about wonderful purchases.

Unfortunately, this could be done 2 years ago. Now the fallovers are not being carried out. It is necessary to understand that very few people buy in Instagram. And if the blogger puts a link to the seller, in 90% of cases it is advertising and paid post.

I do not want to say that absolutely all Instagram bloggers are deceivers. No! Someone sins in one deception, somebody by all, meet and honest, true (but rarely)!

A simple example, you will agree, as an ordinary mother, even if she has many children, can dial 1 million in subscribers? Imagine what 1 million !? These are two cities of the regional center. Yes, even 200 thousand is already ogo-th! Personally, I can not believe it. Yes, I saw chat rooms and activity, and how to buy subscribers, and tried to participate in giwas. All this is there. I do not want to say that it is not necessary to do so, and I do not want to say that it is necessary to do so. The choice is always yours. Just take a note.