Instagram followers analytics

A few decades ago, business developed directly, contacting the consumer “face to face”. Now you can create a virtual “bench” in any social network or instant messenger and actively offer their services without leaving home, and using only a computer or a smartphone. It is almost impossible to find a sphere that would not be represented on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social network. network.

Let’s talk about promoting your services in Instagram. There are many ways to carry out your business through Instagram.

Proper design and quality content are tools to keep the audience. It is very time consuming to select fresh hashtags, study readers’ preferences, attach personality and style to your page, constantly invent something new. And yet you need to bring subscribers! Contests, givers (giveaway), collaborations with bloggers, targeting. “Bloggers overestimate”. – you will say, “Givas ruin accounts, and the targeting thing is completely complicated.”

If you do not want to pay a specialist or you do not have an extra budget that you can spend on advertising, then the alternative will be the use of automated services that perform many tasks for you, greatly simplifying your life. For example, Instapromo. This is a powerful aggregator necessary for advancing the Instagram functions.

Service for promotion in Instagram – Instapromo

What can the Instapromo service do by automatic promotion in Instagram?

Yes, almost everything that you only need! It will help you quickly and efficiently unwind your account and start generating revenue. Instapromo offers both automatic promotion and postponed posting, as well as tweaking likes and comments in their affiliated service, consulting experienced CMM experts and responsive technical support.

After registering for the service and linking the account, you are given three free days to learn about the features and capabilities.

There are three sections in the admin panel: Promo, Direct and Comments.

Section “Promo” includes:

  • Massliking. In the service there are two options for mass-mailing: by geography and by subscribers, the accounts you specified. It’s very simple: the system puts the likes, users are interested, open your profile, subscribe to you.
  • Masscomenting – the system comments on photos with standard phrases, users again look through your profile, study services and goods and subscribe to you. Comments can be changed to suit your taste and your tasks.
  • Auto-subscription / unsubscription. Here, I think, everything is clear.
  • Advance on hashtags, databases on specialized profiles, editing accounts, postponed posting and a huge number of other settings.

The “Direct” section gives you the opportunity to compile a list for mailings to new subscribers for acquaintance with your services. “Old” subscribers can send mailings about new products and special offers. In the Directive, a person pays more time to study a message sent to him personally.

It should be noted that the system allows you to use all the tools in the “promo” section at once or select the ones that interest you individually.

As you can see, a huge part of the work on developing your business in Instagram can be provided by Instapromo. Postponed posting helps you plan your time efficiently, do not look for access to the Internet, if you are on the road, the program will do everything itself.

In Instapromo, you can assign as much of the work as communication in the comments. This is the third section of this service. Developers invented over a thousand excellent comments for your potential customers. Through the service, you will also be able to easily track new comments and respond quickly to them, without missing out on new customers.

Finally, you can test the effectiveness of the service in the analytics to study in which directions it is necessary to add a promo or edit settings, if necessary.

In general, register and try it yourself! In Instapromo you will be given three days free of charge and a nice referral program.