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How to download photos from Instagram

Finding and saving your photos that were sent to Instagram is quite simple. First, they are all stored in a special daddy on the phone and from there they are always easy to get and throw on a computer or other device. Secondly, if you deleted these files, there are a lot of services with which you can restore all your publications, for example, Instaport. But what to do, do you need posts of another user, not your own?

How to download other people’s photos from the Instagram to your computer

Everything is done fairly simply in any browser. I personally use Google Chrome, and it’s always easy for me to get pictures of other people, provided, of course, if the profile is open or closed, but I’m subscribed to them.

We find the necessary photo. Click on her right mouse button. Next, choose the most recent item “view the item code”.

How to download a photo from Instagram to computer

A small window with a page code appears at the bottom. We select the address of the picture. For the ignorant: it will be in the brackets after the inscription “background-image: url”, start with “https” and end with the symbols “.jpg”.

How to download a photo from Instagram to computer

Copy this url with the combination Ctrl + C or mouse.

How to download a photo from Instagram to computer

Open a new browser tab and paste the copied address (for example, using Ctrl + V). Press Enter.

How to download a photo from Instagram to computer

VoilĂ ! Our image appeared! Now click on its right mouse button, and then click on “save the picture as …”. It remains only to choose a place on the computer, where you need to download photos from Instagram.

How to download a photo from Instagram to computer

Almost in all browsers, the actions in order to download someone else’s photo from Instagram to the computer that I described above will be very similar. For example, in Opera they will be completely the same. In Internet Explorer, the html object code opens in a new window, the right place will not be highlighted, but knowing what to look for, you can easily cope. In Firefox, you will need an item called “explore the item”.

If you need photos of any celebrity, then do not bother with digging in the code page. On our site there is a special section “Famous people in Instagram”, where almost all the accounts of the stars are collected with their latest publications. You just need to find the person you need, click on the picture you like, then choose “save the picture as” and the download location on your computer.