Popular comments for friends pic on instagram

Popular on Instagram

Below are the most popular publications from Instagram. These are those photos and videos that gain the most liking, that is, likes. Their number can reach more than 100 thousand.

What are the most popular publications in Instagram?

Basically, these are photographs and videos that celebrities publish: pop stars, musicians, artists, models, actors, and other famous people. They have a large number of supporters who love them and closely follow each posted photo, expressing their love with their husky.

If you click on each photo, you can watch it on the Instagram website. In the same place, you can read the comments to it, and in addition, fix its sender to not miss any updates from him.

What was before and how is it now

Even literally a few months ago, in the “Popular” section of the Instagram in the form in which you see it on this page, you could have accessed from the phone, but at the moment there is already no.

Instagram comments and likes

Now the application policy has changed a little and there are not the most “liked” pictures and videos, and publications that are positively appreciated by your friends are people you are subscribed to. On the one hand, you can not now look at the pictures from the phone, which get the most number of likes, but on the other hand – with the help of the updated tab you can find new interesting followers. But this is already the topic of a separate article!

Now we suggest you to get acquainted with the computer with the most popular pictures from insta stars around the world!