Posts on instagram

How many times to post on the Instagram?

Observe the principle – less is better, but better. If there is an opportunity to make one cool post instead of 3 so-so, it’s better to make one cool. Subscribers at least revere him, but do not flip through.

Forget about the strange rule of “3 posts a day”. Who invented it at all? Only you decide how many times a day to write in Instagram (how to decide: to look at statistics, analyze the blog itself, its subject, competitors, subscriber behavior and other factors).

Do not forget about the goal, what do you want: great coverage, frequent flashing in the tape, waiting for your posts? This, too, must be taken into account.

We remember that a large number of posts do not affect coverage – only for shows. Well, as a rule.

And, most importantly, there is no universal rule for all blogs and working forever. Think, analyze, experiment and do not be afraid to change – our time requires it.

What else affects the coverage of the post in Instagram?

What affects the coverage in Instagram? Likes, comments, conservation – we say, like a wound. However, the tape ranking algorithm takes into account thousands of factors. This, for example, more:

  • time of reading / viewing the post;
  • number of comments from one person (discussion);
  • send a post to friends or not (“airplane”);
  • speed of the set of likes in the first hour after publication;
  • how close are the links with the blogger (general subscriptions and subscribers, friends in other social networks);
  • communication with a person in a directorate;
  • communication with a person on his page;
  • territorial proximity;
  • theme of the blog.

And a bunch, a bunch of other factors, not just likes , comments and conservation. But if you take these three factors purely, the most important of them is comments.