What Is Your Instagram Color Palette?

The color scheme in one style

In order to lead the Instagram “to envy neighbors, you need to decide on the color scheme that will prevail in your photos. Look, what color is the most in your wardrobe? What surrounds you? What is the time of the year behind the window? What colors do you like?

Choose for yourself three basic and their shades. Try to rotate so that the photos look harmonious. The color wheel helps you.


It is desirable to shoot photos in natural light – even a schoolboy knows about this today. Correctly exposed light is the guarantee of a good frame.

The best time to shoot is early morning, when the sun rises, and early evening, when the sun sets. Then the objects do not discard the rigid shadows and the photos turn out to be excellent.


Do not neglect this point if you decide to lead a beautiful account. No noise, over-exposure, artifacts, buried horizons on your pictures should not be.

Try to filter the content. If you really like the photo, but it is of poor quality, no matter how you like, you should not spread it on the page. You did well, but did you get a trash bin? Do not be too lazy to remove it.


Unfortunately, in Instagram there is no possibility to preview your photos in the tape. But there are several mobile applications that perfectly cope with this problem. With their help you upload to the program not yet published photos and see how they will look in the profile. Move, change, play in the spots, until you like the result.


A single style is good in that photo processing is not particularly different from photography to photography. Do not impose “stop filters” on filters. Choose the pair that you like best and alternate them. Better yet, use one filter. For beauty, you can also impose various glare effects, add beautiful fonts. Experiment, but in moderation.

As you can see, this is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is, start today and tomorrow your page will pleasantly surprise everyone.